Opportunities in China

China is opening its markets to global investors while encouraging local investment abroad.

Year-of-the-Monkey-2016It is no secret that China has become a critical part of the global economy. Long important in international trade, China also now stands as the world’s largest economy in purchasing power parity terms and meaningfully affects global growth, inflation and debt dynamics.

In addition, China’s economy is growing in accessibility to investors. Beijing continues to actively explore avenues to open its capital account to offshore investors, and the toolkit of financial instruments available to investors in China continues to grow.

According to the 2015 World Investment Report published by UNCTAD, China has become the world’s largest FDI recipient, surpassing the United States. The country is also at the top of the 2015-2017 list of the economies most attractive to multinational companies. The absorption of FDI is part of the policy of opening China to the outside world.

Why You Should Choose to Invest in China

China is the biggest internal market in the world with 1.3 billion potential customers.
– It is a rapidly growing market (usually at least 7% growth per year).
– Even though the situation is changing in certain areas, labor costs remain comparatively low.
– With the development of the Western provinces, China offers new opportunities.

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